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Gabriella Gouvela

I'm Gabi, a designer & illustrator based in Rio!

I'm 24 and I went to Fashion School here in Brazil. I started my professional journey back in 2017 as an intern at a surface design studio in Rio de Janeiro, where I would start working full time later in 2018. My 3 years of work in the studio allowed my creations to be featured by notable brands in the Brazilian and global markets, not only in apparel, but also in the stationery and home decor segments.

I like to think that my art enhances a joyful way to live. I have fun working with shapes, colors and exploring different perspectives on what those could be. I simply love nature and how it celebrates itself naturally. I find most of my references there.  But also love to experiment and find my inspiration inside the process!  


And of course, the classic: places, languages, great artists and culture are always a huge source of inspiration.

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