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Mathushaa Sagthidas

Mathushaa Sagthidas' photography showcases her passion in fine art, contemporary fashion and styling. She further developed these skills studying fashion promotion at Ravensbourne University London and fine art photography at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL. Mathushaa’s work often examines her identity - Tamil Eelam ethnicity and British nationality, which is a pivotal part of her work. This complex cultural identity is often reflected through traditions, history and strongly by fashion photography.


Studying fashion promotion has enabled her to develop a style rich in modern and stylish references through fashion photography; whereas studying fine art photography during her degree gave her creative freedom to really dive into various historical and cultural references reflecting her Tamil heritage.


Her shoots often incorporate handcrafted elements through styling, prop making and theatrical settings; something she has loved doing since studying fine art at school. Mathushaa's work has been featured online on Graduate Fashion Week, Fashion Scout, FAD Charity, Anisha Parmar London, MESA Magazine, Asian Woman Festival and more.

Self Portrait by Mathushaa Sagthidas.jpg
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